About US

Boasting of an expansive library comprising a healthy mix of award-winning films and mass entertainment movies, to bringing in the latest global trends, seasons of the top rated shows from the United States to the Indian viewer alongside the LIVE telecast of some of the most spectacular and sought after world events...ZEE English Entertainment has always aimed to bring in the best of international content to Indian audiences year after year.

Zee Studio was launched in March 2000 as the ultimate English movie recourse for an audience that craved Hollywood entertainment but was denied any of it because of the lack of quality English movie inventory on TV. Today it's one of the widely viewed channels in the English Movie Genre.

The Zee Studio library is vastly exhaustive. From popular titles like 'The Mummy Retuns', 'Tron legacy', 'Back To the Future Trilogy' and 'Saw 6' ', '' to critically acclaimed films like 'The Men Who Stare At Goats,Twelve Monkeys and Trainspotting'''. From classics such as Akira Kurosawa's 'Rashomon' and'Seven Samurai', Charlie Chaplin's 'The Kid' and Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Lady Vanishes'' to magnum opuses like 'Pirates of The Caribbean: On Strabger Tides' and 'Real Steel'' form the rich and varied movie collection. While mainstream Hollywood Blockbusters continue to occupy a majority of the channel's offerings, Zee Studio also caters to the niche audiences with critically acclaimed movies by the likes of Akira Kurosawa, Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin.

This year Zee Studio introduced the popular series “The Tudors” a dramatic series about the reign and marriages of King Henry VIII. Another new offering is the 'Marvel Anime Series' consisting of  'Wolverine', 'X-Men', 'Ironman' and 'Blade'.With so much to choose from, Zee Studio has appropriately earned the title of being a one-stop-shop for English movie enthusiasts in India.

This enormous library has been constantly updated and upgraded. The finest titles have been presented beautifully and this grand effort has landed the channel with some accolades that it should be very proud of.

1 Promax Asia Awards in 2005, 2006 and 2008 for the best movie campaign, movie promos and the best public service announcement

2 A gold at the Promax India Awards in 2009 for the best promo in the children's programme category for the promo of 'Toony Town'

3 A gold at the Promax India Awards in 2013 for the best movie promo for the movie 'Psycho 2'

4 A silver at the Promax India Awards in 2013 for the best original logo design for the property  'Studio At 9'

With the appreciation of Hollywood Cinema comes the interest in its glitterati, the buzz and action in the film fraternity and the high lives of the protagonists. A sneak peek into these was offered with Zee Studio bagging the exclusive rights to 'The Screen Actors Guild Awards 2009' and 'Live from the Red Carpet: Academy Awards 2009'. The telecast of these shows sent the viewership of Zee Studio soaring to new heights.

Today Zee Studio continues to showcase prestigious awards like 'The Critic's Choice Movie Awards' and 'Screen Actors Guild Awards' live to the Indian Audience.

Zee Studio's pioneering act of introducing the 'Now Playing Bug' and English subtitles for English movies has been emulated by all the other players in the fray. It turned out to be a master move because it started aggregating audiences beyond the realm of the so-called English movie watching stereotype.

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