Cast: James McAvoy Angelina Jolie Morgan Freeman Common Thomas Kretschmann Konstantin Khabensky,


In Chicago Wesley Gibson works at a deadend desk job with an overbearing boss takes antianxiety medication for panic attacks and has a livein girlfriend who cheats on him with his best friend Barry One night in the pharmacy Wesley is told by a mysterious woman named Fox that his father was a recently murdered assassin and the killer Cross is after him Cross and Fox engage in a shootout followed by a car chase in the streets of Chicago Wesley manages to escape and Fox then has a shoot out again with Cross causing a car accident that knocks Wesley unconscious Fox brings Wesley to the headquarters of The Fraternity a thousandyearold secret society of assassins The groups leader Sloan explains that Wesleys panic attacks are actually the untrained expression of a rare superhuman ability when stressed the drastically increased heart rate and adrenaline levels result in bursts of superhuman strength speed and reflexes aa demonstrated when he successfully shoots the wings off of a fly The Fraternity can teach him to control this ability so Wesley can follow in his fathers footsteps as an assassin beginning by inheriting his fortune Wesley is initially reluctant and returns to work only to finally snap when discovering several million dollars in his bank account He excoriates his boss in front of the entire office and on his way out smashes Barry in the face with a computer keyboard Fox is waiting outside to take him back to the Fraternity headquartersaaan unassuming textile millWesley is then subjected to brutal training among other forms of combat he learns to fire bullets to curve around objects Afterward Wesley is shown the Loom of Fate a loom that gives the names of the targets through binary code hidden in weaving errors of the fabric Those the Loom identifies will apparently cause tragedy in the future but only Sloan sees and interprets the names fate wishes to see dead Wesley is initially reluctant about killing people Then Fox reveals that in her childhood a hired killer burned her father alive in front of heraaand said hitman was supposed to be killed by the Fraternity before that but the assassin failed to pull the trigger She now considers preventing such tragedy her missionAfter several routine missions and a chance meeting with Cross in which Wesley is shot in the arm with a deliberately traceable bullet Sloan grants Wesleys wish to avenge his father and sends him after Crossaabut then secretly gives Fox a mission to kill Wesley saying that his name had come up in the Loom as well Analyzing the bullet that hit Wesley it is discovered that the manufacturer was Pekwarsky a bulletmaker living in eastern Moravia the birthplace of the Fraternity Wesley and Fox travel there and capture Pekwarsky who arranges a meeting with Cross Wesley faces Cross alone on a moving train Fox steals a car and crashes it into the train eventually causing a derailment After Cross saves Wesleys life by preventing him from falling into a ravine Wesley fatally shoots him Before dying Cross reveals that he is Wesleys real father Fox confirms this and explains that Wesley was recruited because he was the only person that Cross would not kill Fox then reveals the kill order on Wesley and raises her gun but Wesley escapes by shooting out the glass underneath him and plunging into the river belowWesley is retrieved by Pekwarsky who takes him to his fathers apartment located across the street from Wesleys old home Pekwarsky explains that Sloan started manufacturing targets for profit after discovering that he was targeted by the Loom of Fate and did not tell the Fraternity members that they were now nothing more than paid killers Cross discovered the truth and went rogue and started killing Fraternity members to keep them away from his son Pekwarsky departs stating that Wesleys father wished him a life free of violence Wesley however decides to take out Sloan after discovering a secret room containing all of his fathers weapons and mapsAn enraged Wesley assaults the Fraternitys textile millfortress and battles his way through it killing nearly every Fraternity member in the process Upon entering Sloans office he reveals Sloans deception to the master assassins present in the room Sloan reveals that all of their names had come up in the weaving and that he had merely acted to protect them Were they to follow the code every one of them should kill themselves on the spot Fox who believes in the code more than anyone due to her own experience turns on her fellow assassins and curves a bullet that kills every Fraternity member in the room including herself but not before she throws her gun to Wesley to distract him from trying to save Fox Sloan manages to escape and Wesley destroys the Loom of FateWesley penniless once again is left aimless A man is then seen at a computer much like Wesley at the beginning of the film Sloan appears and points a gun at the back of the mans head At that moment the man turns around and is revealed to be a decoy Sloan is then killed by Wesley using a longdistance bullet Similar to the comic book miniseries3 the film ends with Wesley stating his accomplishments then turning to the camera breaking the fourth wall and asking the audience What the fuck have you done lately then the credits roll